Streit Group offers Riot Control vehicles with water cannons to clean COVID-19 contaminated areas

In response to the needs of disinfection vehicles in the fight against the COVID19, UAE-based Company STREIT Group is offering immediate availability of its Riot Control stock units with water cannons for any urgent requirements to assist with the dispersing of sanitizing chemicals.

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Streit Group Riot Control vehicles with water cannons can be used to perform disinfection missions.  (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Streit Group Riot Control vehicle is equipped with powerful remotely operated multi-directional water cannons and a water tank capacity of 6,000 liters. The water cannons are fitted with proportional valves and separate tanks to infuse dyes, foams and other additives. The Riot Control Vehicle has been specifically designed to provide maximum safety for the vehicle’s crew.

As we are all aware, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic is an unsettling time for all. STREIT has always supported its customers to protect not just on the battlefield but urges all the safety measures to its clients against the battle of COVID-19, as well as looking after the health of our staff and the wider community.

As the shipping operators remain open in different countries, STREIT can ship the Armored or Non-Armored Riot Control Vehicles from any of our global locations at one weeks-notice. STREIT is offering SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICING and FINANCE SOLUTIONS in such difficult times.

Despite some minor disruption for the deliveries and the changes to everyday life, Streit Group has taken precautions to ensure that we, our partners and our worldwide suppliers are synchronized to give you continued service levels of the highest standard.