Rheinmetall and Raytheon looking for production location for KF41 Lynx for US Army

Michigan companies are looking to attract Raytheon and Rheinmetall looking to build 3,500 KF41 Lynx (nicknamed Fox 2 in the U.S.) infantry fighting vehicles. "It's a big $42 billion franchise program and it's a big activity, so we need to get started quickly," said Brand Barnard of Raytheon.

Rheinmetall and Raytheon looking for production location for KF41 Lynx for US Army
Rheinmetall unveiled its KF41 Lynk IFV at Eurosatory 2018 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The new KF41 Lynx (or Fox 2 in the U.S.) infantry fighting vehicles would replace the Bradley IFV fleet in the U.S. Army. Paired with Rheinmetall, the two companies were in Troy to hear what dozens of Metro Detroit companies could offer. The first phase of the program will include $600 million worth of work.

There are companies like GM Defense or other companies looking to transition some of their commercial capability into the defense sector that are willing to enter the business. Raytheon and Rheinmetall will choose their suppliers in 2020.

The KF41 Lynx is an IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) in the Lynx family of a tracked armored vehicle designed, developed and manufactured by the German Company Rheinmetall Defence. This vehicle is a longer version than the KF31 IFV unveiled in September 2016: 7.22 m for the KF31 and 7.7m for the KF41. It also has a more powerful engine and weighs 10 more tons than the KF31.

The KF41 was unveiled in June 2018 at Eurosatory 2018 in two configurations: IFV and Command Post. The KF41 has been designed to offer a new generation of tracked armored offering modularity and high level of protection. The feature at the heart of the KF41 Lynx design concept is the separation and modularity of the vehicle into two primary parts: the basic vehicle and specialist mission and role equipment.

Specific variants can be built around a common hull and common mobility assemblies and protection components, to which role and mission-specific equipment can be added on an as required basis. This design approach combines the functional, cost and through life advantages of a modular structure, and the weight, space and cost advantages of integral hull design.

In March 2019, Rheinmetall Defence lodged a bid in response to the Australian Army’s Land 400 Phase 3 - Mounted Close Combat Capability Request For Tender (RFT) with its KF41 Lynx fitted with the Lance turret. Rheinmetall also proposed its KF41 to the Czech Republic to replace the old BVP-2, a Russian BMP-2 tracked armored IFV produced under license in the Czech Republic.

Rheinmetall Defence, in cooperation with Raytheon, has also offered the KF41 Lynx to meet the U.S. Army's requirement for the NGCV (Next-Generation Combat Vehicle-Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle), a program launched to replace the Bradley IFV.