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Russia unveils new rocket launcher-deployed reconnaissance UAV
A reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) taking to the sky by means of a hand-held rocket launcher has been developed in Russia. The UAV was unveiled at the military and scientific conference "Robotization of the Russian Armed Forces" at the Patriot Park near Moscow.

Russia's new reconnaissance drone can be launched from a hand-held rocket launcher
(Credit: Sputnik/Iliya Pitalev)
The system is designed to transmit video data in real time, which is shown on the operator’s display.

The UAV carries out stealthy and continuous terrain reconnaissance in the area of responsibility of a combined-arms unit.

According to the developer, it takes the UAV from 5 seconds to 3 minutes to deploy depending on the mission preparation time, while other drones need much more time.

The advanced unmanned aerial vehicle will be able to operate at an altitude of up to 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) for up to two hours and then will return to the base.

The UAV can carry a wide range of payloads, including observation and target designation systems.
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