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Czech Company CZ unveils its new P-10 C 9mm pistol for law enforcement and police officers.
The Czech Company CZ (Ceská zbrojovka) a global leader in the manufacturing of small arms unveiled its new CA P-10C 9mm semi-automatic pistol for law enforcement and police officers at IWA 2017 Outdoor Classic, an International trade fair for hunting, shooting sports, outdoor activities and security which takes place in Nuremberg (Germany) from 3 to 6 March 2017.
The current record tradingperformanceof CZis the result, among others, of the success of the new generation of CZ weapons. Regarding pistols, one of the most successful is the CZ P-07 compact, the current top of the development series involving SA/DA pistols with a polymer frame and external hammer. Since it is not possible to climb higher than the very top, the Uherský Brod company has decided to opt for a different strategy. For 2017, they have created a weapon very different from what their customers were previously used to in the CZ brand – the CZ P-10 C.

The fundamental innovation comes in a shift towards a linear, partially pre-cocked striker, otherwise known as the striker fired concept. The reason is clear: the demand for defence and service pistols of this kindhas seen an unprecedented increase in recent years, in particular on the massive US market where CZ supplies more and more weapons. However, the crucial question was whether Czech people could come up with something new or interesting enough in this sector to distinguish themselves from the numerous competitors on the market.

To put it briefly –CZhas done it. Bearing in mind the current company system of designations, the new model with a polymer frame has been named the CZ P-10. The companyapproached the development of their striker fired pistol rationally and tried neither to break into open doors nor invent the wheel. Instead, it has usedtried and tested principles, such as the modified Browning system slide locking into an enlarged ejection port, and focused on substantially improving key parameters for the user.

It is necessary to start with ergonomics in terms of the complex design which decides whether shooting will be comfortable, fast and accurate and how best to achieve it. CZleft nothing to chance and used the latest scientific methods, namely a methodology called the Digital Firearm Ergonomic Design. The result is impressive. The CZ P-10 grip fits in the handperfectly and fingers are guided exactly where they are needed. There is,of course,an option to partially change the size of the grip with the easily interchangeable backstraps in S, M and L sizes. The trigger can therefore be easily reached even by hands with short forefingers. In line with the current trends, there are two pairs of cocking grooves on the slide that make cocking comfortable and reliable.
The new CZ P-10C 9mm semi-automatic pistol for law enforcement and police officers.
The new CZ P-10 C 9mm semi-automatic pistol for law enforcement and police officers.
The overall shape of the pistol enables the shooter to aim intuitively and accurately. In addition, due to the distinctive checkering, correct grip is maintained even during prolonged shooting or when the shooter’s hands are not dry for various reasons. And what is more, controls are fully ambidextrous which is a feature displayed by only several defence and service pistolscurrently on the market.

All in all, regarding ergonomics, it is very hard to find a weapon that would rival the CZ P-10. There are comparable models when considering some details, but none when taking into account the whole model consisting of well interconnected and well thought out details.

Then there is the trigger whose pull weight and travel are a frequent reason for dissatisfaction and individual adjustment in striker fired models. In this respect, the CZ P-10 is a pleasant surprise. The factory set trigger pull weight of 23 N may be an ideal compromise for weapons intended for defence or service purposes, guaranteeing high accuracy as well as the necessary safety.

Moreover, thanks to the extensive practical experience of its workers, CZ concentrated on the reset which is often the Achilles heel of many striker fired pistols. In the CZ P-10 they managed to get to about 4 mm, allowing an experienced shooter to repeat a shot extremely quickly.

Another crucial user bonus is an extremely longlife time of both major and minor parts which was already impressive in the last generation of CZ hammer pistols. Nevertheless, thanks to a combination of high quality materials and extremely durable surface protection, the CZ P-10 model ranks at the absolute top in this sector. And the fact that the entire weapon is anti-corrosiveis also much appreciated.

Other characteristic features of the CZ P-10 are a large trigger guard with a roughened front edge, standardized mounting rail, slanted upper edges of the slide at the front for smoother drawing and holstering and excellent sights that are easilychangedfor other versions from the fast growing selection of accessories.

The first model from the new series to enter the market is the CZ P-10 C, the compact version. It is a full service and defence pistol. In 9mm Luger (9x19) cal. the magazine can hold 15 or 17 rounds (when using a magazine baseplate),in .40 S&W cal. it is 12 or 15 rounds. In the first phase, the CZ P-10 C is destined solely for the insatiable US market; according to current plans, Europe and other regionshave to wait a little longer until the turn of 2017/2018.
The new CZ P-10C 9mm semi-automatic pistol for law enforcement and police officers.