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Russian company NII Stali developed new multi-purpose body armour
Russian NII Stali company (a subsidiary of the Tractor Plants concern) has developed new body armour available both in military and in civil configurations, according to the Tractor Plants` press department.
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NII Stali Zhuk body armour exhibited at Interpolitex 2015 (Photo: Vitaly Kuzmin)
"NII Stali has developed a whole family of body armour suitable for military reporters. The family is based on Zhuk body armour. Zhuk was originally intended for civil security services, encashment and special forces. New body armour has a high level of protection, including the neck and shoulder areas. In basic configuration it has Br3 protection level (equal to Level 2 STANAG 4569). The protection can be increased to Br6 level (equal to Level 3 STANAG 4569) by installation of additional armour plates. The new body armour also has several pouches for reporter`s equipment", an official spokeperson of Tractor Plants said.

Previously, Zhuk body armour vests were completed with polyethilene or ceramic armour plates (depending on the protection level). In 2015, NII Stali launched the trials of new armour structures intended to reduce the vest`s weight, while retaining its protection features. The renewed body armour will be available for military reporters in 2016.
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