North Korea Is Said to Fire 7 Missiles Off Its East Coast

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North Korea Is Said to Fire 7 Missiles Off Its East Coast
North Korea has fired seven surface-to-air missiles into waters off its east coast, South Korean officials said on Friday, in the country’s latest missile test coinciding with joint United States-South Korean military exercises. The missiles were launched on Thursday, March 12, evening and landed in the sea after flying as far as about 125 miles, said a spokesman for the South Korean Defense Ministry, who spoke on the customary condition of anonymity.
North Korea Is Said to Fire 7 Missiles Off Its East CoastThe SA-5 Gammon (Russian name S-200) is a low- to high-altitude surface-to-air missile

The fired weapons included at least one SA-5, a medium-to-high-altitude surface-to-air missile with an operational range of about 160 miles, the official said. He said it was the first time North Korea had test-fired the SA-5 system, which was developed by the Soviet Union in the 1960s. The North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, was believed to have watched the tests on Thursday, the official said.

North Korea has conducted various short-range missile tests in recent weeks, including the launching of two Scud-type ballistic missiles on March 2, the day the United States and South Korea began their annual joint military drills.

Although both Washington and Seoul say the annual exercises are defensive in nature, Pyongyang has accused them of rehearsing for an invasion of the North. North Korea has typically responded to such drills with military maneuvers of its own.