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IFV-25 AV8 Gempita 8x8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
AV8 Gempita IFV-25 infantry fighting vehicle FNSS Sharpshooter 25mm cannon Malaysia Malaysian army 640 001
The IFV-25 AV8 Gempita is the infantry fighting vehicle variant of the AV8 family ordered in 2011 by the Malaysian Army. This vehicle is based on the Turkish Company FNSS PARS 8x8 armored vehicle. The first AV-8 IFV-25 variant was showed for the first time to the public during the Defense exhibition DSA 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, April 2014.

AV-8 8x8 Gempita armoured vehicle personnel carrier
AV8 AV-8 8x8 armoured vehicle personnel carrier technical data sheet specifications information description pictures photos images video intelligence identification Malaysia Malaysian army defence industry military technology
The AV8 Gempita is the latest generation of 8x8 armoured vehicle personnel carrier for Malaysian armed forces. The Deftech AV8 is a new generation of Armoured Wheeled Vehicles with special emphasis on mobility, protection, payload and growth potential.