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4 - 7 April 2017
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Avibras at LAAD 2017
LAAD 2017: Avibras promoting Guará 4WS light armored vehicle
At LAAD 2017, the Brazilian defense contractor Avibras is once again promoting its prototype of Guará 4WS light armored vehicle. Unveiled in 2015 during the last edition of the LAAD exhibition, the Guará is a 4x4 main purpose is the tactical employment for security forces special operations in urban areas: fighting organized crime and security vans and bank robbery, as well as the combat to drug trafficking.

Avibras Guará 4WS light armored vehicle at LAAD 2017
This versatile multi-task vehicle may be also employed in rural areas against armed conflicts. It is also available in a personal transport version, with capacity for 10 crewmen, and another version for Enviromental Police and Civil Defense application.

One of Guará's key capability resides in a system that allows the rear wheels to be slided, reducing the turning diameter from 16 meters to 12 meters, an important resource for off-road and urban operations.

The vehicle, which was fully designed by Avibras, incorporates technology used by the company in its military projects. The result is a vehicle with a level 3 of ballistic protection, a level 2b of anti-mines protection and a IED side blast protection of up to 50 kg TNT.

The Guará also has the ability to rapidly increase or reduce this protection due to the modular design that was applied in the design.

Avibras Guará 4WS light armored vehicle at LAAD 2017
The cabin accommodates from 4 to 6 seats and offers room for the installation of different mission equipment according to the customer-specific needs. The crew and troops enter and exit the vehicle through four doors located on either sides of the hull.

The Guará vehicle is powered by a Cummins 250 hp diesel engine coupled to an Allison automatic transmission. The vehicle has a cruising range of 700 km.

The vehicle has a length of 5.m, width of 2.4m and a height of 2.2m. Its combat weight is 10t and maximum payload carrying capacity is 2.5t.