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Following the announcement in October 2019 of the sale of its protective eyewear business, along with the Revision Military brand name, the remaining Armor, Soldier Power and Electronics, Vehicle Platform Power and Advanced Concept divisions of the company are moving forward under the new corporate name Galvion. With seven company sites located across Canada, USA and UK, Galvion’s product portfolio includes leading-edge head, face and torso protective solutions, as well as power management systems supplied to military and tactical clients worldwide.

Partenaire des armées depuis 1898, Arquus est le premier fournisseur de mobilité de l’Armée de Terre, avec plus de 25.000 véhicules en service, dont 10.000 porteurs logistiques et tactiques. Spécialiste historique du transport militaire, l’entreprise est à l’origine des GBC8KT, GBC180, TRM2000, TRM4000 et TRM10000, VLRA et Sherpa Medium qui portent depuis des décennies une part importante de la logistique et des systèmes de l’Armée de Terre. Ces gammes de véhicules, éprouvées dans la durée et sur tous les théâtres d’opérations, cèdent aujourd’hui la place à une nouvelle génération de porteurs logistiques et tactiques, conçus et produits en France : les ARMIS 4x4, ARMIS 6x6 et ARMIS 8x8, fruits de l’expérience centenaire d’Arquus dans la réalisation de solutions de transport terrestre au profit des armées.

The U.S. Army has successfully completed its first open-air testing of an advanced multi-mode seeker, an upgrade to the Precision Strike Missile system. During a two-day test period June 2-3 at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, research teams operated the seeker at 50 percent capacity while tracking moving targets. The seeker was designed to allow an upgraded “Spiral One” missile to acquire targets on both land and sea. Joseph Lacdan, Army News Service, reports.

The Finnish Army has announced the acquisition of six SISU GTP 4×4 light tactical vehicles from Oy Sisu Auto for testing purposes. The Defence Forces’ Logistics Command took the decision of acquisition on June 4. The total value of the contract, excluding VAT, is approximately EUR 3.8 million. The six vehicles are scheduled to be delivered during 2021.

Le salon de défense Eurosatoy 2020 devait commencer le 8 juin. Il s’agit traditionnellement d’un rendez-vous majeur pour Arquus qui a toujours mis un point d’honneur à recevoir l’ensemble des acteurs de la Défense autour de ses nouveaux produits et de ses dernières innovations. Pour Arquus, Eurosatory a toujours été l’occasion de créer, de révéler et de surprendre. Cette année, Arquus a décidé de montrer les choses autrement, en mettant à la disposition de tous un aperçu de ce que pourrait être son stand aujourd’hui : l’Arquus e-xpo, à visiter sur e-xpo.arquus-defense.com.

As reported by Savvas D. Vlassis on Doureios Ippos, the Greek company EODH presented an improved proposal for the upgrade of the TOMP Leonidas I/II IFV, after the initial notification made on December 11, 2019. The political and military authorities were informed about the improved proposal on June 4.

As reported by Defense News Nigeria, Africa's most powerful army - the Egyptian one - is amassing tanks and helicopter gunships at the Libyan border: M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks and AH-64E Apache attack helicopters appear more and more numerous, ready to retaliate to “provocations” from Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Tobruk-based Libyan National Army (LNA).

The Eurosatoy 2020 defense exhibition was to start on June 8. It is traditionally a major event for Arquus, which has always made a point of showing its new products and innovations to all Defense stakeholders. For Arquus, Eurosatory has always been a time to create, unveil and surprise. Following the cancellation of Eurosatory 2020, Arquus has decided to show up in another way, by setting an online view of what an Arquus stand could very well be today: the Arquus e-xpo to be visited at e-xpo.arquus-defense.com.

Partner of the French armies since 1898, Arquus is the first provider of land mobility solutions of the French Army, with more than 25,000 vehicles in service, including 10,000 logistics and tactical trucks. Historical specialist of military transport, the company has built its reputation on the GBC8KT, GBC180, TRM2000, TRM4000 and TRM10000, the VLRA and Sherpa Medium, which have been carrying a large part of the Army’s logistics and systems during the last decades. These product ranges, combat and time-proven on all theaters of operations, now give way to a new generation of logistics and tactical trucks, designed and produced in France: the ARMIS 4x4, ARMIS 6x6 and ARMIS 8x8, forged by Arquus’ centenary experience in military mobility solutions.

According to information released by the Military Africa Blog on May 28, 2020, Algeria has delivered 53 Berlier logistic trucks and Land Rover 4x4 tactical vehicles to Malian armed forces. The vehicles were handed on Wednesday, May 27, 2020, at the President Modibo Keita International Airport in Bamako-Sénou by the Algerian Ambassador, HE Mr. Boualem Chebihi.

Rheinmetall is teaming up with Lockheed Martin in pursuit of the Canadian Army’s Land Vehicle Crew Training System (LVCTS) project. Rheinmetall Canada will take the lead in a partnership that includes Lockheed Martin Canada, Rheinmetall Electronics of Bremen, Germany, and Lockheed Martin Training and Logistics Solutions in Orlando, Florida. In cooperation with its partners, Rheinmetall Canada will offer the Canadian Army a solution for the LVTCS project that is mature, modular, and cost-effective, while ensuring high-value economic benefits to Canada.

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