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These are the first real shots of Type 15 lightweight tank. According to Global Times, they have recently practiced engagement of targets "several kilometers away" and worked with ATGM vehicles that were used to destroy armored vehicles. These tanks belong to the Xizang military command (Tibet Autonomous Region).

According to a Tweet released by the Spanish Army on June 18, 2020, Spanish soldiers with Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks, M113 tracked APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) and Pizarro tracked IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) will be deployed in eFP (NATO Enhanced Forward Presence) Battle Group in Latvia.

Rheinmetall Group subsidiary Rheinmetall Denel Munition has won a 13 million-euro plant engineering contract. The contract encompasses the modernization of an existing production facility belonging to an established, longstanding customer. Due to begin shortly, the project is to be complete in 2021. Given its highly developed capabilities in plant engineering, the South Africa-based company enables customers and partners in over thirty countries around the world to produce an extremely wide array of ordnance and demilitarized products safely and effectively.

Derivatsiya-PVO 2S38 antiaircraft artillery gun is preparing for acceptance trials. According to a plan agreed by the Defense Ministry, they will begin in early 2021. A column of these vehicles will for the first time parade in Red Square and will then go for an upgrade. The 57mm long-range gun is the main weapon. It can shoot down drones and precision weapons, the Izvestia daily writes.

Israeli Company Rafael unveils Multi-Missile Spike NLOS launcher configuration Polish tank destroyer Ottokar-Brzoza tender based on BWP-1 tracked chassis and Rosomak 8x8 armored vehicle. The Ottokar-Brzoza program was launched by the Polish Ministry of Defense to acquire a new tank destroyer vehicle for the Polish Army that could be armed with ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) weapon station.

The Turkish company Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade (STM) will supply the Turkish Ministry of Defense with hundreds of drones, among which there may be 356 units of Kargu kamikaze drones, according to BulgarianMilitary.com citing a source from the Turkish Ministry of Defense. Such a weapon could become a “killer” of Russian-made Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile-cannon systems in Syria and Libya.

According to Defense Studies, the Royal Thai Navy has provided a budget for 3 Amphibious Assault Vehicles in the framework of a first acquisition phase, worth 405 million baht. The vehicle type has not yet been specified but it is expected to be Chinese the VN-16/18, as the Navy already expressed interest in this vehicle. The Royal Thai Navy has sent a team to China, as this country is already supplying landing craft to the RTN.

According to a press release from GDELS (General Dynamics European Land Systems), June 17, 2020, the Spanish Secretary of State for Defence, Ángel Olivares, chaired on Wednesday, June 17, 2020, a follow-up meeting, held at the GDELS-Santa Bárbara Sistemas factory in Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville), for the Wheeled Combat Vehicle (VCR) 8x8 technological programs. Such meeting included a dynamic demonstration where the progress on the agenda and the capacities achieved were shown. 

On June 18, 2020, during a firing demonstration of artillery systems attended by the Serbian Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin, the Serbian army has officially taken delivery of a modernized version of Oganj 122mm MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System). The M-77 128 mm nicknamed Oganj was developed in the early 1970s to meet the requirements of the Yugoslav Army.

According to information released by the U.S. Defense Government website on 18, 2020, DRS Sustainment Systems Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, was awarded a $7,985,880 modification (P00069) to contract W56HZV-16-C-0028 for seven Joint Assault Bridge Systems. Work will be performed in West Plains, Missouri, with an estimated completion date of December 30, 2021. The initial contract was awarded last March.

U.S. soldiers assigned to A Battery, 2nd Battalion, 11th Field Artillery Battalion, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, conduct a three-gun raid air assault exercise June 10, 2020, at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. During this exercise, U.S. soldiers have conducted sling loaded operations of M119A3 105 howitzers showing the ability of the U.S. Army to rapidly project military forces over any terrain in any conditions.

According to information released by Kratos Defense & Security Solutions on June 16, 2020, Kratos Defense & Rocket Support Services (KDRSS) Division has been awarded a $46 million Other Transaction for Prototype Agreement (pOTA) to support the U.S. Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO). The new award has a three year period of performance.

SkyWall Patrol will be integrated as part of the ALADDIN project at a demonstration in Greece later in 2020 using the SkyLink module. OpenWorks Engineering and its SkyWall products will be working in collaboration with ALADDIN's other partners to develop a seamless, tightly integrated system for countering malicious drones.

On June 17, 2020, the Minister of Defense of Serbia, Alexander Vulin, and the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Moysilovic, took part in the presentation of the new M-20 MRAP 6x6 armored fighting vehicle at the factory of the Zastava Tervo plant (formerly Zastava Kamioni) in Kragujevac

Rheinmetall has won another major order for logistic vehicles. Germany's Federal Office for Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has entered a framework contract with Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) for delivery of up to 4,000 swap body systems, many of which will feature armored driver’s cabs.

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