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Dutch MoD to procure new helmets and uniforms
The Dutch Ministry of Defence has announced the procurement of new helmets and uniforms. The announcement was made by Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert during a speech at the Parliament.
Dutch MoD to procure new helmets and uniforms
Dutch soldier wearing his helmet in European DPM camouflage pattern (Photo: Dutch MoD)

According to the details provided by the minister, a total of 22,500 helmets and 45,400 clothing kits would be procured. Some 4,500 helmets would remain in a logistical pool of items handed over to soldiers during deployments or training exercises.

The new helmets will have a better fit and stability compared to the previous models, especially when used in conjunction with other items such as headphones, NGVs, ballistic eyewear etc. Furthermore, the new helmets will have a reduced weight.

The new helmets programme is expected to cost between EUR25 and EUR100 million. It is planned to start next year, with the first helmets being delivered in 2018.

Moreover, the uniform kits would include clothing for extreme weather conditions or specific types of operations. The Defence Minister said that the new clothing and helmets will have a new camouflage pattern, to match the modern expeditionary operations.