Turkey: Otokar starts testing its Akrep IIe hybrid electric armored vehicle

Otokar has started testing its Akrep IIe 4x4 armored vehicle, Turkey's first step in electric-powered, hybrid and autonomous military vehicle technologies.

Turkey Otokar starts testing its Akrep IIe hybrid electric armored vehicle

Akrep IIe submitted to mobility tests (Picture source: Superhaber.tv)

Akrep IIe is a technology demonstrator, which is equipped with an innovative electric-based power and propulsion solution that consists of a highly efficient and powerful electric motor, advanced battery pack and smart power control algorithm. Low silhouette, reduced size and weight, increased mobility and swiftness, decreased levels of acoustic and thermal signature are other contributing factors of AKREP IIe’s innovative electric-based power and propulsion solution.

Akrep II can be equipped with alternative power plants (electric, diesel and hybrid). The fully electric variant of Akrep II, which was on display at IDEF 2019 in Abu Dhabi, is a technology demonstrator with a powerful electric motor integrated to the axles and advanced battery pack. With electric power source at the heart of its design, Akrep IIe is extremely agile with increased mobility and swiftness. Capable of running at a considerably low level of acoustic and thermal signature, the vehicle is suited to be an excellent choice for conducting stealthy military operations. The four-wheel drive and steerable axles (optional) give the vehicle superior maneuverability, a bit like on Arquus’ Scarabee. Thanks to high payload capability, medium-caliber turrets up to 90mm can be integrated. Akrep II can also be configured for various types of weapon platforms for quick reaction, reconnaissance and surveillance missions, base/air defense missions, and other similar tasks.

The vehicle forms a technically feasible platform for remote control or adaptation of various driving assistance systems and even autonomous capabilities.

After IDEF 2019, Otokar has conducted the calibration work of the electric engine. As part of the mobility tests, the acceleration, gear and wheel system have been tested. Now, the vehicle is submitted to various demanding road and off-road mobility tests.


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