Israel: David's Sling air defense missile system first combat use

According to the Jewish News Syndicate website, new Israeli air defense missile system David's Sling was used this week for the first time in action on the border with Syria. The David's Sling Weapon System were officially declared operational in April 2017.

Israel Davids Sling air defense missile system first combat use 925 001
David's Sling air defense missile system launcher unit (Picture source IDF)

Currently, the Israeli Defenses Forces use different types of air defense missile systems including the Iron Dome, Arrow, Patriot and David's Sling. The Iron Dome is used to destroy short range rockets and artillery ammunition, the Arrow is used to intercept ballistic missile while Patriot and David’s Sling work together to destroy traditional aerial threats at short distance for the Patriot and missile threats at intermediate range for the David’s Sling.

The David's Sling also formerly known as Magic Wand is an Israeli-made air defense missile system jointly developed by the Israeli defense contractor Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and the American defense contractor Raytheon, designed to intercept enemy planes, drones, tactical ballistic missiles, medium- to long-range rockets and cruise missiles, fired at ranges from 40 km to 300 km with speeds of up to mach 7.5.

The David's Sling air defense system uses the Stunner, a two-stage interceptor missile developed to intercept short-range ballistic missiles, large caliber rockets and cruise missiles and unmanned aircraft systems. It is equipped with electro-optical/IR sensors and a EL/M-2084 AESA multi-mission radar from Elta Systems for targeting and guidance, and control systems by Elbit systems.

The David's Sling can be mounted on ground, naval, and aerial platforms, including existing rail and canister launchers, and the firing units allow for 360° coverage through vertical launch of the missile. During trial tests, the David's Sling has shown its ability to destroy large salvos of high-caliber rockets and short-range ballistic missiles at high success rates.

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