Russian Airborne Troops to receive two BMD-4M battalion sets in 2020

Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) will receive two battalion sets of BMD-4M airborne infantry fighting vehicles (AIFVs) in 2020, according to the newspaper Red Star (Krasnaya Zvezda).

Russian Airborne Troops to receive two BMD 4M battalion sets in 2020
BMD-4M Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the Russian Airborne Forces (Picture source )

"Considering the deliveries of modern armor planned for 2020, the Airborne Troops are set to take the delivery of two BMD-4M battalion sets this year. The rearmament of the service with modern vehicles and command and control systems will beef up the combat capacities of the VDV units, while the implementation of the State Defense Order for the military service will increase the proportion of modern and upgraded hardware," the newspaper reported on January 22.

A battalion set comprising 31 BMD-4M AIFVs and 8 BTR-MDM armored personnel carriers (APCs) was recently delivered to the 76th Guards Air Assault Division, added the Red Star.

According to the newspaper, the BMD-4M is armed with a 100 mm gun-launcher with an ammunition load of 34 high-explosive fragmentation rounds and four Arkan guided missiles, a 30 mm automatic cannon with an ammunition load of 500 rounds, and a 7.62 mm machinegun.

The BTR-MDM APC weighs 13.2 t and is armed with two machineguns. The vehicle is manned by a two-strong crew and transports 13 servicemen, says the Red Star.

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