British troops on high alert after attacks of U.S. bases in Iraq by Iranian missiles

British Ministry of Defense has put on standby of 48 hours warships of the Royal Navy, helicopters and several hundred military personnel after the attacks of U.S. military bases in Iraq by Iranian missiles. Chinook helicopters are ready to evacuate British troops deployed in Iraq.

British troops on high alert after attacks of U.S. bases in Iraq by Iranian missiles 925 001
British Royal Engineers, deployed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, discusses the construction of a bridge with an Iraqi security force (ISF) member in Mosul, Iraq. (Picture source British MoD)

The British defense secretary, Ben Wallace has announced on January 7, 2019, if British civilians were killed or even military personnel as a result of Iranian or terrorist action, we would look at the response.

The UK will always defend the right of countries to defend themselves. The House will want to know that since October 2019 Coalition bases, which contain both United States and United Kingdom personnel and the Baghdad International Zone have been attacked 14 times. One attack on the K-1 base involved 32 rockets.

The British non-essential military personnel has been re-located from Baghdad to Taji to ensure their safety and security. Coalition forces in Iraq, including British forces, have suspended all training activities. And, as part of prudent planning, a small team has been sent to the region to provide additional situational awareness and contingency planning assistance.

Currently, there is 400 troops deployed in Iraq, they have trained more than 25,000 Iraqi forces, including 6,600 Kurdish Peshmerga, in infantry, weapons maintenance, counter-IED, medical and engineering skills.

Two British warships are already deployed near the Gulf including the HMS Montrose Type 23 frigate and HMS Defender Type 45 destroyer, which are ready to escort British flagged oil tankers through the Strait of Hormuz if required.

The British Air Forces have also Chinook and Wildcat helicopters that operate in the region as well as Typhoon fighters aircraft alongside ISTAR and refueling aircraft.