Gaza militant group Mujahideen Brigades unveils new local-made anti-tank launcher Sair 2801144


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Tuesday, January 28, 2014 06:16 PM
Gaza militant group Mujahideen Brigades unveils new local-made anti-tank launcher Sair.
The "Mujahideen Brigades" in Gaza announced this week the launch of a new local-made portable ATM (Anti-Tank Missile) launcher. A Video released January 27, 2014, shows a live firing test with the new anti-tank weapon system.


The anti-tank launcher named "Sair", meaning "burning flame," has a length of 1 meter and seems to be fitted with a basic sight for aiming and firing.

The al-Mujahideen Brigades are a little known movement that originally emerged from Fatah's al-Aqsa Brigades but became independent and today lean towards the group Islamic Jihad.

Al-Mujahideen has carried out rocket attacks on Israeli targets from the Gaza Strip, in contravention of the ceasefire the Hamas-led Gaza government currently maintains with Israel.

Terrorist groups are believed to have amassed a large arsenal of thousands of rockets and local made weapon systems since Israel's last military offensive in Gaza four years ago. Hamas has been smuggling weapons through tunnels under the border with Egypt, but also claims to have begun manufacturing longer-range rockets in Gaza.

Israeli media have reported that missiles and other weapons are being smuggled into Gaza using packages and barrels dropped at sea by boats traveling from Egyptian or Lebanese ports.

Palestinian militant groups has also developed Qassam rocket which is regularly fired on the Israeli territory. Three models have been produced and used, with the first introduced in 2001.

In October 2010 five children and three women were injured after a Qassam rocket training site exploded near a crowded residential area of Tel As-Sultan in Rafah.