Spike NLOS Electro-optically guided missile
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The Spike NLOS is an electro-optically guided missile for ranges of up to 25 km with pinpoint accuracy and midcourse navigation. The weapon system can be launched from land, air and naval platforms. The system is designed and manufactured by the Israeli Company Rafael. Coming from a long tradition of missile expertise, the Spike NLOS is a member of Rafael's well known Spike missile family. The Spike family consists of precise tactical missiles launched from different ranges at a variety targets for use by infantry units and on combat vehicles, attack helicopters, as well as naval vessels. The Spike NLOS is already operational with a military customer, which is most likely to be the Israeli defence forces. Rafael is also offering the weapon for export, starting with the Spike family's existing 18 customers.
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Technical data 
Spike NLOS is the ultra long range version of the standard Spike missile. The Spike NLOS can be equipped with a variety of warheads, RF communication, unique advantages of hitting non-line of site (NLOS) targets, the ability to switch between targets and abort mission, the Spike NLOS can be operated in offensive and defensive scenarios. Rafael has designed the Spike's on-board camera with the ability to strike targets in most weather conditions by day and night. The new weapon can be fired from helicopters. Previous versions of the Spike have been integrated on the Eurocopter Puma and Tiger by Slovenia and Spain respectively. Fixed-wing aircraft are not being considered as firing platforms for any member of the Spike family, Rafael says.
The new version, designated Spike NLOS can carry the entire family of warheads designed for the Spike, including the shaped-charge anti-tank, and penetration blast fragmentation (PBR), enabling the missile to effectively strike targets beyond line of sight. In addition to offering selective targeting, by the use of its integral EO guidance camera, Spike NLOS can also receive target data from remote target acquisition systems, such as airborne UAVs, or remotely operated via networked command and control systems. The communications between the missile and operator is conducted over an optical fiber, enabling effective, broadband, secure two-way communications.
Electro-optically guided missilea
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Camera for day and night firing.
1 people
70 kg
25 km
Shaped-charge anti-tank, and penetration blast fragmentation
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