ISDEF 2019: Today opening of International Defense and Security exhibition in Israel

Today opening of ISDEF 2019, the International Defense and Security Exhibition that takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel from the 4 to 6 June 2019. This year more than 300 defence and security companies from all over the world showcase their latest innovations and technologies.

Today opening of International Defense and Security exhibition in Israel ISDEF 2019 925 001
Jonas Zolkén, Managing Director at the opening ceremony of ISDEF 2019, International Defense and Security Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel. June 4, 2019. (Picture source Army Recognition)

ISDEF 2019 is Israel's largest Defense, Homeland Security and Cyber Exhibition. Focusing on interoperability between defense and security, ISDEF brings together government and military officials, industry members, end users and decision makers from Israel and around the world. 85% of the attendees have buying power making ISDEF a highly effective platform for rapid business growth.

The Defense industry in Israel is a strategically important sector and a large employer within the country. It is also a major player in the global arms market and is the 8th largest arms exporter in the world as of 2018.

Escalating threats, broadening regional conflicts, increased terrorism and the exponential growth of cyber attacks are only a few of the challenges forcing nations to increase their investments in defense and homeland security.

Israel has faced these challenges for decades. Through high-intensity wars and continuous low-intensity conflicts, Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF) has achieved its security by maintaining a superior military force prepared to take on any and all adversaries.

As a technological powerhouse, Israel equips its soldiers and security officials with the most advanced and innovative systems and tools its defense industries have to offer. These groundbreaking capabilities are developed with an intimate understanding of the needs of security forces and apply to the military, homeland, and cyber security domains.

Providing innovative solutions to evolving defense challenges, hundreds of Israeli defense companies, from largest corporations to startups, ranging in size and expertise, develop, expand and sustain Israel’s national defense industry.

Israel's combat-proven defense systems, whether in platform modernization, combat vehicles, aerial defense, unmanned systems, electronic warfare and cyber, excel in agility and reliability and are continuously adapted and modernized to meet customer requirements. The quality and ingenuity of Israeli systems and services drive the defense industries' continuous growth in a competitive global market.