ISDEF 2019: New IWI Carmel 5.56x45mm caliber assault rifle

At ISDEF 2019, New Carmel 5.56x45mm caliber assault rifle is unveiled by IWI Israeli Weapon Industries fully designed and manufactured by this firearms Company, now a member of SK Group, a privately held technology and innovation holding company specializing in global frontline defense, and para-military solutions, marine infrastructures and property development.

New IWI Carmel 5.56x45mm caliber assault rifle ISDEF 2019 defense exhibition Israel 925 002
IWI Carmel 5.56x45mm caliber assault rifle at ISDEF 2019, the International Defense and Security Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel. May 6, 2019. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The IWI CARMEL assault rifle is a combat proven innovative weapon system, built to be durable and robust. Made of superior steel, aviation grade aluminum and high strength impact modified polymer for outstanding performance in all environmental conditions.

The IWI Carmel is a gas-operated (short-stroke gas piston) self-loading rifle with a rotating bolt with a rate of fire of around 850 rds/min. A gas regulator at the front of the weapon can be set in three positions, regular, extreme and suppressor, depending on conditions. The IWI Carmel can be fitted with four different barrel lengths of 267mm, 305mm, 368mm, and 406mm. All the metal parts of the weapon are corrosion resistant.

The receiver of the IWI Carmel is equipped with Picatinny rail offering the possibility to mount a wide range of sights, optics and night vision systems. It has a foldable and retractable folding polymer stock that includes a buttstock can be extended for 85 mm and an adjustable check-rest allowing adapting the weapon to all sizes of shooter. The weapon can be fired with folded stock

The IWI Carmel has a weight of 3.3 kg without a magazine or sight. It has a highly ergonomic pistol grip and enlarged trigger guard for easier access for glove use.

The IWI CARMEL can be easily customized, depending on the operational needs, military or law enforcement tasks - vehicle patrol CQB, under cover missions, short and medium combat engagement, diverse police operations, VIP protection, and more.

The IWI CARMEL is a fully ambidextrous platform, equipped with mil standard 1913 Picatinny rails on all sides to allow 100% compatibility with any available sights, devices or accessories.

New IWI Carmel 5.56x45mm caliber assault rifle ISDEF 2019 defense exhibition Israel 925 001