IDEX 2021: Kalashnikov Group presents AK-19 5.56 mm assault rifle

The Kalashnikov Group (a subsidiary of state corporation Rostec) will present its newest Kalashnikov AK-19 5.56 mm assault rifle at the IDEX 2021 defense show to be held between February 21-25 in Abu Dhabi (the United Arab Emirates), according to the press department of the company.

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 AK-19 assault rifle (Picture source: Kalashnikov Group)

The legendary Kalashnikov AK platform has further evolved into the long-anticipated AK-19 assault rifle in the world market, chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO. The AK-19, like any Russian Kalashnikov assault rifle, gives confidence in every shot. With its telescopic stock and other technical solutions that improve ergonomics, the weapon is extremely handy to a soldier of any army in the world, regardless of his anthropometric data.

The AK-19 is equipped with a non-detachable slotted flash suppressor, a quick-detachable sound suppressor, an extended sight line and new sights. These technical solutions implemented by the developer meet modern warfare requirements.

“The world premiere of the AK-19 assault rifle will be conducted at the largest defense show in the Middle East, IDEX 2021, which will be held between February 21-25 in Abu Dhabi, the UAE,” the head of Kalashnikov press department Maria Vorobyeva told TASS on February 15.

According to the company, the AK-19 has already attracted the attention of some Middle Eastern customers using 5.56 mm cartridges as organic small arms ammunition. “The AK-19 can be reliably used round-the clock under hot climate conditions,” said Vorobyeva.

“The AK-19 fires popular 5.56 mm cartridges, which are adopted by many countries. Therefore, our new assault rifle is an export-oriented item. By demonstrating the firearm at the IDEX defense show, we express our confidence in interest of foreign customers in the weapon: we are receiving the first requests for the firearm,” said CEO of the Kalashnikov Group Dmitry Tarasov.

The AK-19 weighs 3.35 kg and has a length of 935 m with extended stock. The firearm is fitted with a 415 mm barrel and is fed by 30-round polymer magazines. The AK-19 features a lightened telescopic stock with improved ergonomics, updated iron sights, a quick-detachable slotted muzzle break, and an upper MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail for sights.

The Kalashnikov Group previously developed AK-101 and AK-102 assault rifles chambered for 5.56 mm ammunition.