IDEX 2021: EDGE SIGN4L introduces V-Protect mobile jamming system of Radio frequency signals

SIGN4L, a dynamic provider of agile and adaptive electronic warfare and intelligence (EW&I) solutions and an EDGE subdivision, launched V-Protect, a mobile radio frequency (RF) communication jamming system able to counter IEDs and roadside bombs controlled by radio signals. 

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SUV fitted with SIGN4L's V-Protect jamming system at IDEX 2021, International Land Defense Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

V-Protect is an advanced mobile active and reactive high-power jammer system aimed at helping block common terrestrial RF signal technologies as well as portable satcom equipment, spanning radio, walkie-talkie, mobile and Wi-Fi frequencies. Boasting a counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) and counter-drone measures, the user-friendly model is to be installed in a standard SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) that was showcased at IDEX 2021 and offers automatic operability by utilizing 16 channels and high emitting power amplifiers to provide support in enhancing protection range and combatting various threats across the frequency domain. A V-Protect-equipped vehicle is intended to be deployed at the front and at the back of a convoy, so ensuring the neutralization of any attempt to trigger IEDs by any kind of wave.

SIGN4L is part of the Electronic Warfare & Intelligence cluster at EDGE, an advanced technology group that ranks among the top 25 military suppliers in the world. Waleid Al Mesmari, Vice President of Program Management for the Electronic Warfare & Intelligence cluster at EDGE, said: “Electronic warfare and intelligence make up the backbone of modern defence and security systems. SIGN4L is at the frontlines in pioneering breakthrough technologies that help our clients expand their options in a rapidly changing world. By assisting our clients with the management of their complex security and performance requirements, our latest solutions are prime examples of our agile offerings at work that focus energy to obscure, neutralize and attack adversaries.”

The new V-Protect radio frequency (RF) communication jamming system was designed and developed by SIGN4L, a subdivision of EDGE to counter Remote controlled improvised Explosive Devices, roadside bombs, and other threats controlled by mobile phone or other radio signals.

Mounted on a vehicle, the V-Protect can be used to conduct counter-terrorism operations or to protect military convoy and VIPs transport. The vehicle located at the front and a the end of the convoy can provide full 360° protection using the onboard V-Protect solution for radio signal jamming.

The V-Protect solution can be integrated into a mobile platform as civilian or combat vehicles with all the power and jamming system. It adopts the most effective and reliable Radio Frequency (RF) jamming technology using antennas mounted on the roof of the vehicle, offering full protection for the vehicle and the passenger's protection against IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and other road bombs.

The V-Protect mobile jamming solution designed and developed by SIGN4L is delivered with power distribution, jamming combat system, and cooling system that can be used in all-weather conditions and especially in desert climates.