IDEX 2019: SPYNEL-X V-LRF Search and Track System

SPYNEL-X and its V-LRF option are showcased at the IDEX or the first time. The recently-launched thermal sensor equipped with a visible channel and a laser range finder will be presented to decision-makers from within the defense industry, alongside key representatives from governments, armed forces and the key military personnel.

IDEX 2019 SPYNEL X V LRF Search Track System
SPYNEL-X (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Award-winner V-LRF option for SPYNEL was recognized as best anti-drone system at the Milipol international tradeshow and received the Innovative Product of the Year Award from SECONA Shield. With its HD visible camera equipped with a x30 optical zoom, the SPYNEL Panoramic sensor ensures a better threat identification with no blind spot. The laser range finder provides the user with the exact distance of all detected threats on land, at sea or in the air. In these times of heightened UAV threats, SPYNEL-X VLRF is an innovative solution which guarantees the ability to detect, track and classify any types of drones.

The SPYNEL -X VLRF InfraRed Search & Track is used for varied military applications, providing 24/7 coverage of very wide areas on land and at sea, in harsh weather. Equipped with the advanced detection recognition & tracking software CYCLOPE, SPYNEL provides early target discrimination in total discretion, as the system is fully passive. The image quality provided by the panoramic IR sensor has a resolution of up to 120 Mpixels.