IDEX 2019: Nexter showcases its Optio-X20

On the occasion of the IDEX 2019, Nexter exposes an armed variant of the Optio range. Combining Milrem's "THeMIS" remote control platform and a Nexter remote-controlled 20mm turret, Optio-X20 will help preserve the lives of soldiers in high-intensity combat or when used in a hostile environment and provide the combat group with means of observation and fire support operated remotely under the control of the human operator.

IDEX 2019 Nexter showcases its Optio X20
The Optio-X20 at IDEX 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)


The Optio-X20 is the weaponized implementation of Nexter’s new range of Multimissions Tactical Robotics Systems. Armed with Arx 20 RCWS, this open-architecture tracked drone is specifically designed for perimeter observation, reconnaissance, and target engagement tasks. With the Arx 20, its 20mm automatic cannon and 7.62mm, both gyro-stabilized, Optio-X20 is able to handle up to level 4 protected targets.

Optio-X20 meets the operational requirements for surveillance, protection, security, and combat missions, on open modern battlefields as well as in urban areas.

Thanks to Nexter's development of innovative intelligent features on the mobility side, Oprtio-X20 allows the operator to focus on its mission rather than navigation.

Its main armament is a 20M621 Cannon - 20X102 standard OTAN, and MAG 58 machine gun (optional) - 7.62 x 51 standard OTAN for the secondary armament, for a fire rate of 750 rds//min for the main cannon, and 800 rds/min for the Mag 58.

The Optio-X20 is equipped with a Dual field color camera day, IR Dual lens uncooled and laser range finder.

Its maximum speed goes up to 22.5 km/h and it can handle a maximum side slope of 30%