IDEX 2019: Nexter showcases its Findeagle solution

Nexter is highlighting updates to its Project Findeagle vehicle-integrated unmanned aircraft system (UAS) concept at the IDEX 2019 (Exhibited the for the 1st time at Eurosatory in Paris in June 2018)

IDEX 2019 Nexter showcases its Findeagle
A vehicle equipped with the Findeagle system (UVG and UAV) (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The system comprises a tethered and an untethered UAS, carried on a vehicle from which they can be launched and recovered independently. The UASs are made by Nexter Robotics and are controlled using the user-friendly Findeagle software, with no deep vehicle modificationthanks to its easy-to-install kit.

It offers omplete range of Off-the-shelf components to amplify the native operational efficiency of any kind of vehicle.

IDEX 2019 Nexter showcases its Findeagle LAND
Findeagle's UVG solution (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The two devices are remotely controlled from vetronics vehicles and/or a disassembled tablet.

Findeagle has a wide range of mission adaptability: road clearance, logistic convoy, vehicle self-protection, reconnaissance, targeting, damage assessment, GPS positioning (with light UAV), close and discreet approach, contaminated area long frange observation, sampling, … It also reduces the crew exposure, squads staying under armor with an enhanced awareness.

IDEX 2019 Nexter showcases its Findeagle AIR
Findeagle's UAV solution (Picture source: Army Recognition)