IDEX 2019: Military dressing to manage moderate to severe bleeding

Axiostat is a sterile, non-absorbable haemostatic dressing intended to control bleeding within minutes of application by providing an active mechanical barrier to the wound site.

IDEX 2019 Military dressing to manage moderate to severe bleeding
Axiostat dressing (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The military variant is extensively used to manage gunshot wounds and blast injuries. It stops moderate to severe bleeding due to cuts, abrasions, lacerations, venous or arterial bleeding. It comes in camouflaged, solid metal pouch packing for easy carrying and withstand extreme temperature.

Axiostat works on a principle of adhesion due to charge. Axiostat made with 100% chitosan has been designed to be positively charged and bloodcells carry a net negative charge. When blood comes in contact with Axiostat, oppositely charged components are attracted and form bonds. This results in a strong adhesive sealthat acts as a mechanical barrier preventing blood from leaking out and protecting wound from infection.


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