IDEX 2019: CMI Defence unveils its high-tech Training Centre

Campus Cockerill, CMI Defence’s Training Centre, is now operational and ready to welcome its first trainees. The 100,000 square metre facility is composed of high-tech classrooms, fully equipped training workshops, accommodations for 120 trainees and access to a military firing range. This facility, as well as the Agueris simulators and the digital composer designed and used for the training, are highlighted on CMI Defence booth in IDEX 2019 (Stand 12 B05).

IDEX 2019 CMI Defence unveils its high tech Training Centre 2
Training Centre by CMI Defence (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Major Ret’d Guy Beusen, Coordinator of CMI Defence Training Activities, will be presenting CMI Defence training approach during the whole exhibition. “With such a high-level training tool, he states, we are now able to elevate our customers’ personnel to their required level of readiness: we can either train unexperienced soldiers or already expert crews. Our training offering combines classroom sessions, simulation sessions, workshop sessions on real systems and, of course, live-firing sessions, allowing our trainees to acquire the familiarity and the reflexes essential for the successful conduct of their missions. Our Training Center is located in France but, beyond the facility itself, all our training assets, capabilities and personnel can of course be deployed wherever our customers are located.”

Besides this training and simulation offering, CMI Defence is also highlighting, at its IDEX stand, two different variants of its renowned Cockerill® 3000 Series (which are currently in series production): the Cockerill 3030 FSV-AT, a manned 30mm cannon turret equipped with the Bayonet, CMI Defence’s Anti-Tank Guided Missile launcher, and the Cockerill 3105 AG, a manned Assault Gun turret equipped with the famous Cockerill 105mm gun.

Also on its IDEX stand, CMI Defence proudly presents its new multi-role turret concept, the CPWS Gen. 2. This turret is a multi-mission, multi-configuration, lightweight and protected weapon system. Thanks to its configurable hatch, its under-armor reloading capability, its ability to integrate different main weapons (M242 25mm and M230LF 30mm caliber cannons) and its capability of being integrated on all types chassis from 4x4 to 8x8, the remotely operated CPWS Gen. 2 is the CMI’s answer to the need of armed forces to conduct different types of missions.