The Brazilian IACIT highlights its line of electronic countermeasure systems at IDEX 2017 72202172

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19 - 23 February 2017
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
IACIT at IDEX 2017
The Brazilian IACIT highlights its line of electronic countermeasure systems at IDEX 2017
IACIT, a Brazilian company with a consolidated performance in the development of high-tech products and services for defense, public security, CNS\ATM, telemetry and meteorology, brings to IDEX 2017 one of the main systems developed with 100% Brazilian technology. The line of electronic countermeasure systems will be one of the company’s highlights during the international defence exhibition taking place in Abu Dhabi from February 19 to 23.
Brazilian IACIT highlights its line of electronic countermeasure systems at IDEX 2017 002 IACIT exhibits at IDEX 2017 its complete line of electronic countermeasure
(Credit: Army Recognition)
IACIT showcases its complete line of electronic countermeasure systems aimed at blocking drones and the electronically activated devices and communication systems increasingly employed by defense and public security organs. Named SCE0100, the line encompasses the DRONEBlocker, COMBlocker and RCIEDBlocker solutions, in both fixed and mobile configurations.

RCIEDBlocker is an electronic countermeasure system against explosives remotely triggered by electronic devices (RCIED). IACIT developed the RCIEDBlocker system with 100% Brazilian technology, comprising a built-in SCE 0100-R unit in robust modules characterized by highly adaptable installation. It can be used in fixed or mobile platforms such as police cars (SUVs/armored vehicles), suitcases and backpacks, according to the version of channel and system potency settings.

The purpose of RCIEDBlocker is protecting convoys and/or troops with the ability to block or interfere in RCIED communications and communication systems, like radio, cell phone, Bluetooth, remote and wireless controls, given its various possible configurations.
Brazilian IACIT highlights its line of electronic countermeasure systems at IDEX 2017 001 IACIT's DroneBlocker solution scale model at IDEX 2017
(Credit: Army Recognition)
The DroneBlocker solution, employed for protection against drone threats, has been utilized with much success by the Brazilian Army during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. It is totally integrated with sensors for detection, identification and scanning via acoustic sensors, RF sensors, radars and cameras capable of detecting and identifying threats. The solution includes a command and control (C2) system that permits the centralization of operation, configuration and management of the entire system remotely.

The C2 system also allows integration with other IACIT products such as: RCS0400 telemetry and remote control systems, a system for the reading and recognition of vehicle plates (LPR), as well as surveillance systems for third-party assets. Additionally, the C2 system enables a joint operation by DRONEBlocker and COMBlocker, offering protection against drones and unwanted communications in strategic structures.

The COMBlocker solution is also worthy of attention since it is capable of blocking cell phone and radio communications with high efficiency in both of its indoor and outdoor versions. COMBlocker provides impressive results because it can block an area without interfering in the vicinity through the use of specific antennas for each unique scenario as well as performing potency and frequency adjustments.


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