RADIOBARRIER unveils unrivaled UTMS monitoring system at IDEX 2017 21902173

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RADIOBARRIER unveils unrivaled UTMS monitoring system at IDEX 2017
RADIOBARRIER is launching its new UTMS (Unattended Terrain Monitoring System), a one-of-a-kind UGS (Unattended Ground Sensor) solution for unattended surveillance and statistics gathering in remote locations with data storage capability.
RADIOBARRIER's Unattended Terrain Monitoring System introduced at IDEX 2017
RADIOBARRIER UTMS is used for surveillance and intelligence gathering over designated areas, such as rural roads, paths, sections of pipelines and associated infrastructure as well as vantage points in remote locations and counter roadside IED operations. The main interesting feature of the UTMS is its ability to retain all visual and log evidence of alarms in the internal memory of system devices. Collected data comprises information about a target type, time and duration of the event as well as photo confirmation of the activity initiated by a human or a vehicle even during the nighttime thanks to theinfrared backlight.

The data is automatically retrieved from the UTMS detection devices once the receiver enters the communication range with the sensors or can be downloaded upon a request. The internal memory for data storage gives an exceptional advantage to UTMS devices over other similar solutions – 24/7 alarm awareness in the area under surveillance not requiring continuous communication with the system. All information related to movement of people or vehicles is recorded and can be easily received once it is needed.Statistical data gives relevant information about recent and past activities for intelligence analysis and decision-making.

The UTMS consists of one Control Unit and various system sensor sets including Photo Recorders, Seismic Sensors, Autonomous Repeaters and other accessories. Each set includes up to 7 devices and the Control Unit operates with unlimited number of sets, but only with one set simultaneously. All UTMS sensors, equipped with external batteries and antennas, are wirelessly interconnected via two-way secure radio channel.

Once deployed, sensors register and accumulate events related to movement of people (up to 100m) and vehicles (up to 200m). This data is stored on the internal memory of UTMS detection devices. Once the UTMS sensor detects an intruder, it triggers the preset Photo Recorder at defined time intervals, which allows collecting visual evidence for further intruder identification. Low power consumption and concealed installation allows UTMS devices to work in all weather conditions and in any terrain, requiring next to zero maintenance and support.
RADIOBARRIER Autonomous Security Systems have been an acknowledged innovative approach to UGS systems for security and surveillance over the past 16 years.Nearly 7,500 km worldwideof state borders, oil and gas pipelines, mining and drilling sites, perimeters of critical infrastructure in more than 25 countries are being protected by RADIOBARRIER. Its systems are used, among other customers, by Aselsan, Thales, BP, Statoil and have provedtheir reliability in awide range of climatic conditions: from permanent frost of Yakutia (the majorpart of which is situated above the Arctic Circle) to scorching heat of the Saharan desert.

The company’ strategy is focused on customized seismic signal processing and ongoing R&D works on enhancing products' capabilities with about 25% of its employees dedicated to R&D. Proven efficiency and reliability of RADIOBARRIER Autonomous Perimeter Security System, along with gained experience and knowledge in the latest technologies and innovations in the security market as well as cooperation with customers and clear understanding of their needs, made it possible for RADIOBARRIER to create an unrivaled Unattended Terrain Monitoring System (UTMS).
UTMS sensors can be deployed along roads to warn troops and vehicles of activities that may be related to IED placement - Countering IEDs


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