CMI Defence presents its CPWS turret on a Textron Commando

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CMI Defence and TEXTRON System at IDEX 2015
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IDEX 2015
International Defence Exhibition & Conference

22 - 26 February 2015
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
CMI Defence presents its CPWS turret on a Textron Commando
The Cockerill CPWS 20-25-30 is a family of light medium-caliber protected weapon stations. At IDEX 2015, CMI (Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie) Defence presents this weapons system on a TEXTRON System Commando vehicle. This is not the first time CMI installed one of its products on a TEXTRON vehicle.

CPWS turret on a Textron Commando at IDEX 2015

Designed to accept a range of medium-calibre weapons, the CMI CPWS 20-25-30 remains small and light enough to fit a range of 4x4 AFVs. The system offers superior firepower and improved survivability to smaller, highly mobile, armoured vehicles.

The Cockerill CPWS 20-25-30 turrets are unmanned; remotely operated by a person in the carrier vehicle. Advantage of this turret over a remote weapon system, the CPWS can be reload from the inside. The turret can mount a range of 20, 25 and 30mm automatic cannon with a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun in a ballistically enclosed, power-operated turret. The turret will typically carry 150 rounds of ready ammunition and can be reloaded by the operator without leaving the protection of his vehicle. Depending upon the cannon, twin-feeds may be provided to permit the use of more than one type of ammunition. The weapons are employed using a high performance, digital, fully-stabilised, day/night weapon control system. Despite its high lethality and survivability, the weight of the Cockerill CPWS 20-25-30 is low enough to permit fitment to small 4x4 armoured reconnaissance vehicles.

The Cockerill CPWS 20-25-30 brings an unprecedented combination of high lethality and survivability to light armoured vehicles. Applicable to both tracked and wheeled vehicles, the system permits precise engagements when moving, by day and by night. The Cockerill CPWS 20-25-30 offers a next-generation combat capability to high-mobility forces.

The CPWS 20-25-30 turret has already been tested on a VAB MKIII and a BTR family engine. The test about the integration on a Textron Commando are about to begin. The development of the turret is over and the series construction is about to begin. CMI France plans to extend the project management from A to Z until finished product.

Too see this turret mounted on the Textron System Commando, visit booth: 03-C07. For more information about CMI's products, go to stand 12-C35.