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IDET 2015
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19 - 21 May 2015
Brno, Czech Republic
ITWL at IDET 2015
IDET 2015: Discover the ITWL's ATRAX quadrocopter VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
The ATRAX Vertical Take Off and Landing UAV currently presented at IDET 2015 is the result of a collaboration between three Polish companies: the ITWL (Air Force Institut of Technology) research center, which is coordinating the project, the Instytut Lotnictwa and the aeronautics factory WZL 1, based in Lodz. Currently, two prototypes were produced.
IDET 2015 Discover the ITWLs ATRAX quadrocopter VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 640 001ITWL's ATRAX quadrocopter VTOL UAV displayed at IDET 2015
The vertical take-off/landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle ATRAX is a quadrocopter of advanced structure made of glass and carbon fibre composites. It offers the ability to follow a pre-set route in a fully autonomous mode of operation. Its 360-degree surveillance pod provided with stabilization system of 0.10° accuracy is furnished with thermal imaging and daylight camera(s). The ATRAX UAV has a maximum payload of 3 kg.

An innovative power plant consisting of eight independent motors significantly improves the flight safety. ATRAX is capable of flying with two motors out of order. The eight engines (2 per arm) make this UAV highly resistant for turbulences and allows to transmit the HD video without any interferences.

ATRAX has been provided with secure-coding data transmission system that offers the highest possible of data transmission security.

The ATRAX system consists of the ATRAX UAV, a command and control station, an antenna array, and a shipping container (road case).

It has a range of 5 km, a ceiling of 1,000 m and an endurance of 60 min, which can be optionally increased to 90 min.

The technology and the manufacture, both of the composites and the electronic components, are provided by ITWL (Polish Air Force Institute of Technology). ITWL is also providing certified training for UAV operators.

The ATRAX UAV has been designed in order to be used for several civilian and military missions, such as urban aera protection, SAR operations support, natural disasters effects assessment, high voltage power lines monitoring, forest area monitoring, contamination monitoring and militay missions (in its armed version).