IDEF 2021 Video: FNSS new products PARV IV NG - Shadow Rider UGV - PARS IV 6x6 Special Operations

The Turkish company FNSS continues to develop and design new generation of wheeled and tracked armored vehicles. In this video, we will focus on the PARS IV 8x8 NG New Generation tailored to respond to the needs and demands of allied armies, the Shadow Rider unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) concept, fitted now with a 25mm unmanned remote turret and the PARS IV 6x6 armored vehicle in Special Operations configuration.
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Summary of this video:

00:00 INTRO
00:47 Douglas Jackson introduces new combat vehicles unveiled by FNSS at IDEF 2021, International defenses exhibition in Turkey.
01:49 New Pars IV 6x6 armored vehicle in Special Operations configuration
02:28 new Pars IV 8x8 New Generation
04:08 Shadow Rider autonomous tracked armored vehicle fitted with 25mm unmanned weapon station.
06:40 OUTRO

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