IDEF 2021: UkroBoronProm displays RPV-16 jet infantry flame thrower

Equivalent to the Russian RPO Shmell, the jet infantry flame thrower PRV-16 is designed to defeat the enemy’s covered fire positions and soft-skin vehicles; aiming at destroying its live forces behind shelters, barriers and on open areas.

Army Recognition Official Show Daily News and Web TV UMEX 2020 925 001
RPV-16 jet infantry flame thrower (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The RPV-16 jet flame thrower is equipped with a dioptric sighting device. It can receive an optical sight as well. The dioptric sight provides the possibility to fire at a target 100m to 600m away, while the maximum firing range is 1,000m and the minimum firing range is 70m. The surface covered at the target point ranges from 75 to 120m².

The trigger mechanism is electrically operated. The container with its 93mm caliber warhead weighs 11.8 kg.