IDEF 2021: Tübitak Sage showcases SARB-83 penetrator bomb

At IDEF 2021, Tübitak Sage showcased SARB-83, a 415 kg penetrator bomb.

Army Recognition Official Show Daily News and Web TV UMEX 2020 925 001
SARB-83 has a penetration performance of 1.8m (35 MPa reinforced concrete) (Picture source: Army Recognition)

SARB-83 is a penetrator bomb, which is designed to be used against surface and underground targets. SARB-83 contains Multiple Warhead System (MWS) technology. It has siilar external geometry, guidance unit interfaces, mass,  center of mass, and inertia properties with Mk-83 General Purpose Bombs (GPB)

- High peneration performance at oblique impact angles and/or low impact velocities

- High fragmentation effect against secondary targets with pre-formed fragments utilized in Augmenting Charge design

- Usablity against various target types

- Potential to be used with all guidance kits which are compatible with Lk-83  GBP; and potential to be dropped from all aircraft for which Mk-83 GPB is certified.


SARB-83 weights 415 kg for a length of 1860mm. It includes two types of explosives:

- Augmenting charge: plastic bonded explosive

- Follow trough bomb: aluminized plastic bonded explosive


Typical hard targets includes:

- Buried hard targets: Munition depots, underground petrochemical depots, bunkers, aircraft shelters, command and control centers

- Surface targets: Aircraft runways, dams ,bridges, critical buildings, radar antennas, stationary air defesne missile sites, industrial facilities, parked aircraft 


Army Recognition Official Show Daily News and Web TV UMEX 2020 925 001
(Picture source Army Recognition)

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