IDEF 2021: POLUS-ST from Russia unveils new AS acoustic sensor

Russian company POLUS-ST LLC offers new transport detection capabilities for the core sensor of the RADIOBARRIER Wireless Intrusion Detection System, the RS-U (multifunctional seismic sensor) Multi-Sensor.

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The AS detects an intrusion of a vehicle within its detection range of up to 130m and sends an alarm to the RS-U. (Picture source Army Recognition)

A new AS acoustic sensor is designed to supplement and improve the RS-U multi-sensor detection accuracy of various vehicles, including motorcycles, motorbikes, 4-wheelers, and buggies. The acoustic sensor is connected to the RS-U by an external device connector and can be fully camouflaged in the soil.

The AS detects an intrusion of a vehicle within its detection range of up to 130m and sends an alarm to the RS-U, then the alarm information and the type of the intrusion is displayed on a digital map layout in the GIS RADIOBARRIER Command and Control Software.

Like the entire RADIOBARRIER system, the AS is classified as outdoor equipment, operating under exposure to atmospheric precipitation, direct solar radiation, and moisture condensation.

The RADIOBARRIER Wireless Perimeter Security System is a stand-alone autonomous solution for surveilling extended perimeters in remote areas with complex terrain. This solution combines the detection devices of seismic (UGS), microwave, passive infra-red (PIR) to meet modern challenges in security and defense. The system protects any remote location regardless of size and shape.

For visual evidence, a CCTV subsystem supplements the main system. The CCTV subsystem includes a thermal imaging sensor and a video camera. Various types of receivers can be used to operate the system remotely, such as handheld, laptop, or desktop PCs supplied with special Command and Control (C2) software.

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