IDEF 2021: Lapis Havacilik showcases Lapis VTL-02 ULAK drone

Lapis Aerospace Technologies Inc. was established in 2015 by experts in their fields. The Lapis Team started working on their first multirotor prototype in 2013 and proceeded successfully with the aim of becoming leaders in countrywide unmanned systems and electric vehicles industries with the completely indigenous design, software and production. Their existing products consist of Rotary wing / Fixed Wing and Hybrid / VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which are of indigenous design and production. Their indigenous Auto-Pilot and Ground Control Station is used for all systems.

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LAPIS VTL-02 ULAK at IDEF 2021 (Picture source Army Recognition)

Lapis VTL-02 ULAK is being widely used in surveillance, defense and security applications, aerial mapping, road security, border security, oil and natural gas pipeline safety and agricultural applications.

Lapis VTL-02 ULAK, which is a hybrid of multicopter and fixed wing platform, has completely unique hardware and software developed to accomplish fully autonomous missions.

With its high capacity of payload, the UAV is developed to accomplish missions under hard conditions and it can be working day and night with its 30X EO and 35mm IR integrated payload.

System specifications:
- Max.takeoff weight: 33kg (h4kg payload)
- Flight time : >5hrs
- Max. range: >10km (40km optional)
- Altitude (MSL): 13.000 feet
- Altitude (AGL): 3.000 feet
- Real time encrypted video and data transfer

- 3 axes gyro stabilized EO and IR payload
- 2.4 Ghz operating frequency
- H.264 encoded video output
- 35mm lens on IR payload
- Scene tracking properties
-Target tracking properties
- Recording video
- Geo-lock