IDEF 2017: Best Grup unveils its Börü 4x4 armored vehicle

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IDEF 2017
International Defence Industry Fair

9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Best Grup at IDEF 2017
IDEF 2017: Best Grup unveils its Börü 4x4 armored vehicle
Best Grup, a Turkish company specialized in the armoring of civilian and official vehicles, as well as security products and armoured cabins unveils its new vehicle the Börü. The Börü has been designed to handle the most difficult and dangerous missions quicly and efficiently.
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The Börü can be used for border protection, SWAT or Special Forces' vehicle, peacekeeping missions, Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), weapon carrier, command and control vehicle,... The body is designed to provide a good level of protection (STANAG 4569 level II+ for the crew compartment and level I for the base). The armour is made of lightweight composite material in order to offer a good compromise between protection and performance.

There are three variants of the Börü :

The Stormer: Capacity for 11 personnel, ideal for special teams and rapid deployment.

Transport: Capacity for 8 personnel, ideal for small teams and tactical tasks.

Utility: Capacity for 5 personnel ideal for patrol and weapon transfert.

The vehicle is based on Ford F 550 commercial chassis propelled by a 6.7 liters turbo diesel engine which delivers 300 horsepower. The vehicle has gross weight of 8,845 kg and can reach the speed of 120 km/h.