FNSS showcases TEBER 30/35 Remote Controlled Turret at IDEF 2017 21105172

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9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
FNSS at IDEF 2017
 FNSS showcases TEBER 30/35 Remote Controlled Turret at IDEF 2017
The TEBER-30/35 Remote Controlled Turret (RCT) provides high firepower to armoured combat vehicles without having a turret basket extending into the vehicle. The commander and gunner control the turret from one of the consoles inside the vehicle, leaving a considerable amount of space for personnel and other equipment.

FNSS' TEBER-30 Remote Controlled Turret at IDEF 2017
The TEBER-30/35 RCT can be equipped with 30 and 35 mm main armaments. In its 30 mm configuration, the turret fields a double-feed Mk44 automatic cannon firing 30x173 mm ammunition at 200 rounds per minute, and can store 250 ready rounds in total. In the 35 mm configuration, it is equipped with a double-feed automatic cannon firing 35x228 mm ammunition at 200 rounds per minute, and can store 100 ready rounds in total. Another important feature of the 30 mm configuration is that, owing to its compatibility with the SuperShot 40 mm (40 x 180 mm) ammunition, it can be upgraded to field a 40 mm calibre main armament. In both configurations, the secondary armament consists of a 7.62 mm Mk52 or 7.62 mm machine gun, with 750 ready rounds.

The most critical feature of the TEBER-30/35 RCT is that it allows the reloading of ammunition from inside the vehicle under high armour protection. This feature eliminates the need for crewmen to leave the vehicle to resupply ammunition under battle conditions, thus increasing personnel safety. Equipped with an electric drive system as well as two axis stabilisation to increase the hit ratio while moving, the turret can turn 360 degrees on the traverse axis without limitation, at a minimum speed of 60 degrees/second, while its weapons have an elevation axis between -10 and +45 degrees.

The on-board fire control computer and two axes stabilised independent sight system grants the turret an advanced fire control capability. The system generates a kinematic lead solution to increase the first-round-hit probability for stationary and moving targets. The turret also features a two axis stabilised 360o panoramic commander’s sight with thermal camera, day camera and laser range finder on the top plate, as well as hunter/sharpshooter capabilities. TEBER-30/35 turret shell is made of all-welded aluminium armour with add-on composite and steel armour providing ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 standard.

K. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS, emphasises that the TEBER-30/35 RCT includes all the features expected from an unmanned turret: “In addition to being unmanned, the TEBER-30/35 RCT and enables reloading from within the vehicle, thus increasing operator safety to the highest level. FNSS has considerable know-how on unmanned turrets, which is a relatively new type of product on which various parties often express a lack of knowledge and experience regarding its operational concepts. We therefore offer an effective and competent solution to the user that includes our technology and experience."