FNSS presents Kaplan Medium Tank prototype at IDEF 2017 209051704

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IDEF 2017
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9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
FNSS at IDEF 2017
FNSS presents Kaplan Medium Tank prototype at IDEF 2017
Currently under development by FNSS and Indonesian company PT Pindad within the scope of a joint project, the KAPLAN MT Modern Medium Weight Tank is showcased to visitors in IDEF 2017 with its ready-for-testing prototype.

The Kaplan Medium Tank showcased by FNSS at IDEX 2017
The KAPLAN MT brings a new breath to the battlefield with its accurate direct fire capability, a wide selection of ammunition ranging from close fire support to anti-tank ammunition, and superior tactical and strategic mobility.

The KAPLAN MT is powered by a power pack at the rear of the vehicle, which delivers a power-to-weight ratio of about 20 HP/ton. The engine transfers this power to the drive system, which has a six-wheel, anti-shock suspension system with double-pinned tracks mounted on torsion bars. The vehicle’s firepower is provided by a CMI Cockerill® 3105 turret, integrated with a high-pressure 105 mm Cockerill gun and an advanced autoloader. Thanks to this turret, the KAPLAN MT has high firepower power despite its relatively low weight.

The interior of the vehicle was carefully engineered by taking into account the ergonomics of the crew and the different tactical and battlefield conditions, including driving, firing and ammunition loading and unloading. Special type of driver seat enables the operator to have adequate field of view, and to access all cabin equipment. The KAPLAN MT is also equipped with a battlefield management system and laser warning system that provides tactical awareness to the vehicle commander.

With high-end mine and ballistic protection for its class, the KAPLAN MT provides adequate firepower against battlefield threats with great speed of response and within a short period of time. This, in turn, ensures superior survivability and mobility on the battlefield.

K. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS, highlights both the capabilities and development model of the KAPLAN MT: “KAPLAN MT is a very special vehicle. In the later stages of the project, when we will show the performance of the vehicle on the field, the effectiveness of this design will be demonstrated more clearly. We are very pleased to develop this vehicle together with our Indonesian partner. FNSS has been successfully implementing different cooperation models for many years. In Malaysia, we are conducting the AV8 project with our business partner DEFTECH. In Saudi Arabia, we are operating a state-owned factory through our joint venture company, FNSS ME. In Indonesia, we apply a different model in which we jointly develop products. With its technology and experience, FNSS is ready to work together with friendly and allied countries under different cooperation models.”