At IDEF 2017 Meteksan Defence showcases advanced products

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IDEF 2017
International Defence Industry Fair

9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Meteksan at IDEF 2017
 At IDEF 2017 Meteksan Defence showcases its advanced products
Having placed great emphasis on R&D since its foundation Meteksan showcases at IDEF 2017 its range of advanced products and technologies.On its booth Meteksan showcases the following products: The Mildar Helicopter Fire ontrol Radar, OKIS automated take-off and landing system for UAV, Hull mounted sonar, Underwater Acoustic Systems, Missile Data Links, Damage control simulator and the Retinar OPUS Surveillance Radar.
Meteksan OPUS Retinar IDEF 2017 640 001
The Meteksan Retinar OPUS Integrated Radar and Camera Surveillance Suite (Photo Army Recognition)
Retinar OPUS is the deep integration of Meteksan's innovative perimeter surveillance radar Retinar PTR-X with day/thermal camera systems. The radar and the long range day/thermal camera pair are placed on a single mast, fixed to a post or on a vehicle, with separate positioners. The camera system supplies visual information about the targets detected by Retinair PTR-X radar (slew-to-cue), enhancing target recognition and identification. The result is a synergic system that is more than the sum of its parts.

The camera and the radar works together to achieve target recognition at unrivaled ranges. The 3D Map Display significantly increases the user's perception of surrounding activity and spatial awareness.

The Opus has many different application areas and can be used for different kind of missions such as:
Critical Infrastructure Protection (i.e. Airports, Habours, Power plants, Pipelines,..)
Countering UAVs: Improved small UAVs detection and tracking with the radar + camera suite
Force Protection: The OPUS can be easily integrated on vehicle with its compact one axis design
Border Protection: Radar + Camera deep integration

The OPUS system detection range are: 6 km for a pedestrian, 12 km for a standard vehicle and 16 km for a large vehicle.


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