IDEAS 2016: Bell Helicopter keeps on promoting its AH-1Z Viper helicopter

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IDEAS 2016
9th International Defence Exhibition & Seminar

22 to 25 November 2016
Karachi , Pakistan
Bell Helicopter at IDEAS 2016
IDEAS 2016: Bell Helicopter keeps on promoting its AH-1Z Viper helicopter
As Pakistan is to receive its first nine AH-1Z Viper combat helicopters by September 2018, Bell Helicopter continue to actively promote the platform at the occasion of IDEAS 2016 defence exhibition in Karachi. The Bell AH-1Z Viper is a twin-engine attack helicopter based on the AH-1W SuperCobra, that was developed for the United States Marine Corps.
A scale model of Bell's AH-1Z Viper helicopter at IDEAS 2016
Pakistan requested the sale of 15 AH-1Z helicopters in April 2015 through the US Foreign Military Sales program. In addition to the helicopters, the country bought 1000 AGM-114 R Hellfire II Missiles, and associated equipment, parts, training and logistical support for an estimated cost of $952 million.

Pakistan is the first international customer for the AH-1Z type, which the US Marine Corps is buying as part of its H-1 upgrade programme to replace the AH-1W Super Cobra by 2020.

The AH-1Z Viper variant include a fully integrated night vision goggle compatible with the helicopter's glass cockpit. It also features an Advanced Electronic Warfare Self Protection (EWSP) suite and hardened components.

Bell's AH-1Z is powered by two T700-GE-401C turboshafts, providing an output of 1800 shp for each engine. It gives the rotorcraft a maximum speed of 411 km/h and an operational range of 685 km.

Further improvements for the AH-1Z will include a new external fuel tanks in 2018 and a level 3-4 UAS control system in 2019. Bell also plans to integrate the future Joint Air-Ground missile in 2019 and the AIM-9X missile in 2021 on the platform.