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In order to answer the increasing need of protection and surveillance from emergency needs to Forward Operating Bases, robotics brings a real capacity advantage: reducing the human risks, improving the performance throughout the mission, and reducing, the need to staff. Spy’Arrow, the new low cost, multi-payload micro-UAV system from Thales has already a step ahead in the achievement of these applications. The Spy' Arrow is an easy to use, light-weight, portable UAV. Its predilection mission is to perform quick and efficient, short range observations while displaying a stabilized geo-referenced real time video. Some other various missions packages can be used such as atmosphere measurement payloads.
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Technical data 
The Spy'Arrow is a small hand launched delta design with a wingspan of 670 mm. The Spy'Arrow is easy to use and the operatot does not require piloting skills. It can be operated either in a fully autonomous mode or in a manual assisted mode. The ground station is implemented on a standard rugged laptop connected to a small antenna box. The Spy'Arrow UAV will generate geo-referenced video displays in real time out to a range of up to 3 km, while cruising at 27 knots. The Spy'Arrow is equipped with a CCD PAL day camera, he is always capable of carrying many different payloads weighing up to 70 g, including sensors dedicated to probing the atmosphere to detect chemical or other threats. It can be safely flown over populated areas because the airframe is made from soft materials and is powered by a rear-mounted electric motor driving a propeller. Spy'Arrow can be very quickly and easily put in-flight, which drastically increases mission efficiency. The Spy'Arrow UAV is hand-launched under electronic flight control. No ground station is required during the take-off process: UAV reaches a safe hold-off circle till it gets trajectory data. Use of catapult is possible.
The ground station which controls the Spy'Arrow UAV is use to control the mission, to make data transmission, obtain video reception from UAV. The ground station uses the same battery than the UAV and equipped with battery charger.
Launching system
Automatic take-off and landing.
Country users
Designer Company
basic mounting CCD PAL day camera
670 mm
30 min
0.5 kg
50 km/h typical - 100 km/h maximum
3 km
30 m to 300 m
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