Upgraded Arjun Mk1-A main battle tank to enter service with Indian army

According to the Tribune India website, the Arjun Mark 1-A Main Battle Tank (MBT), an upgraded version of the first version of the Arjun MBT will enter in service with the Indian army.

New upgraded Arjun Mark 1 A main battle tank will enter in service with Indian Army 925 001
Arjun Mark 1 main battle tank in live demonstration at DefExpo defense exhibition in India. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Indian army has finalized the trials of the new upgraded Main Battle Tank Arjun Mark1-A (MBT) in December 2018. A total of 118 tanks will be delivered to Indian armed forces. In 2010-11, the first version of the Arjun entered in service with the Indian Army and 124 tanks had been ordered.

The production of the Arjun Mark 1-A will start this year in the facility of Avadi in Tamil Nadu. The new Arjun Mark 1-A includes 14 new features including an auto-target tracker, automatic gear system and improvement in suspension.

The tanks, as part of the trials, have already done some 4,000 km of run. The upgraded Arjun has a 120mm rifled gun capable of firing a full range of high explosives, laser homing anti-tank (LAHAT) missile that had a tandem warhead, which is capable of defeating all types of modern armor.