Rosoboronexport expands international military-technical cooperation

Alexander Mikheev, Director General of JSC Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec State Corporation), attended an extended meeting of the Bureau of the Russian Engineering Union and the Bureau of the League of Assistance to Defense Industry Enterprises. The meeting was devoted to summarizing the Union’s activities in 2017 and discussing the immediate challenges.

Rosoboronexport expands international military technical cooperation

Russian defense products presented by Rosoboronexport at the Shield Africa 2017 exhibition in Côte d'Ivoire

(Picture source: Rostec)

“In 2017, Rosoboronexport signed contractual documents worth about $15 billion with customers from 53 countries. Over 7,500 enterprises of the country’s machine-building industry have contributed significantly to the result achieved. They made considerable progress in technology and production, enabling Russia to maintain its leading positions in the world arms market,” said Alexander Mikheev, who holds the position of Deputy Chairman of the Russian Engineering Union.

Russian arms enjoy growing demand in the world market thanks to Rosoboronexport’s proactive marketing efforts and the demonstration of their high performance and operational characteristics in real combat conditions

In 2017, the geographical scope of the special exporter’s contracts and supplies of military products expanded due to a number of new customers in the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East. In addition, there is an increase in military-technical cooperation with the states that have long used the weapons from other suppliers. At the same time, Russia maintains the traditional markets of the countries that are its strategic partners, offering them new forms and types of cooperation.

“Despite the unprecedented pressure from a number of Western countries and unfair methods of competition they use, we have managed to enter new external markets, thus ensuring a stable replenishment of the state budget and, through it, a decent life for the families of millions of workers in the engineering industry. These opportunities have emerged largely due to better quality and a wider range of military products that we export,” added Alexander Mikheev.

The efficiency of the country’s defense industry and the parties to military-technical cooperation, including Rosoboronexport, was appreciated at the meeting of the Bureau of the Russian Engineering Union and the Bureau of the League of Assistance to Defense Industry Enterprises. The meeting was attended by Sergey Chemezov, Chairman of the Russian Engineering Union and the head of the Rostec State Corporation, representatives of Russia’s federal ministries and agencies, as well as the executives of the major defense enterprises in the country - members of the Russian Engineering Union.

Rosoboronexport is the only state-owned arms trade company in the Russian Federation authorized to export the full range of military and dual-purpose products, technologies and services. It is a subsidiary of the Rostec Corporation. Founded on 4 November 2000, Rosoboronexport has become one of the leading world arms exporters to the international market. Its share in Russia's military exports exceeds 85 percent. Rosoboronexport cooperates with more than 700 enterprises and organizations in the Russian defense industrial complex. Russia maintains military technical cooperation with more than 70 countries around the world.