Iveco Defence Vehicles delivers officially LAV armoured to Norway

Iveco Defence Vehicles has handed over the last tranche of 62 Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV) internationally known as the Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV), to the Norwegian Defence Material Agency (NDMA). The handover ceremony was held at Iveco DV Headquarters in Bolzano, Italy, attended by Brigadier General Morten Eggen, Head of Norwegian Defence Material Agency, Land Systems Division.

Iveco Defence Vehicles delivers officially LAV LMV armoured to Norway 925 001
LAV 4x4 Light armoured Vehicle (Picture source IVECO Defence Vehicles)

This order constitutes the fourth LAV procurement by the Norwegian Armed Forces, which has extensively operated the vehicle in missions abroad.

The fourth generation LAV is a further step development to the Light Multirole Vehicle design. It has integrated a variety of improvements requested by the customer.

Such improvements include the new driveline, which offers a higher performance and a new air filtration system. The LAV furthermore incorporates all the lessons learned from the field, providing more payload, better performance and higher reliability. The internal layout of the crew cell has been extensively redesigned to improve crew ergonomics and incorporate new seats, a next-generation dashboard and an upgraded hardtop. These measures have the additional benefit of significantly increasing the usable internal volume.

This important supply contract consolidates Iveco Defence Vehicles market leadership in the multirole military sector, providing a response to current and future requirements of the Norwegian Armed forces in terms of performance, mobility and crew protection

With total sales of more than 4,000 units to 13 different countries, the LMV is Europe’s vehicle of choice to date in its category. Customers include Albania, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Lebanon, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Tunisia and United Kingdom.