Israeli army to acquire EXTRA rocket / missile systems from IMI

According to the Israeli Newspaper website Haaretz, the Israeli Defense Minister would like to establish new capacity for the Israeli Defence Forces with surface-to-surface missiles, able to reach a target at a maximum range of 300 km. A budget of a half a billion dollars has already been approved to purchase new military equipment including the EXTRA (Extended-range artillery) missile systems.

Israeli army to acquire EXTRA rocket missisle systems from IMI 925 001I
EXTRA (Extended-range artillery) missile systems. (Picture source IMI)

The total amount of this project could reach $2 billion according to the number of missiles ordered by the Israeli Defence Forces.

The EXTRA EXTended Range Artillery is an artillery rocket system developed and manufacture by Israel Military Industries IMI and used by Israel Defense Forces, Azerbaijan and Vietnam since 2013.

The EXTRA missile was unveiled for the first time to the public during the Paris Air Show in 2005. The EXTRA has a range of around 150 km, the weight of 150 kg missile, circular error probability (CEP) of about 10 m. In the future, a new missile will be developed to extend the firing range from 150 to 300 km.

The EXTRA missile contains a solid propellant motor, stabilizing block, warhead, and GPS/INS guidance and steering section. It can be launched can be launched by IMI’s LYNX truck launcher, as well as from a variety of other available vehicle launchers.