Saudi Arabia to purchase DF-21 Chinese-made ballistic missile with the agreement of U.S. 0102141


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Saturday, February 1, 2014 10:02 AM
Saudi Arabia to purchase DF-21 Chinese-made ballistic missile with the agreement of U.S.
According to a Newsweek report on internet, in 2007, Saudi Arabia has agreed to purchase Chinese ballistic missile DF-21 with the approval on United States. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency agrees the deal after confirming that they were not the nuclear-capable variants of the missiles.

Chinese-made medium range ballistic missile DF-21 at military parade in Beijing.

This new deal with shows China is a new actor in the Middle East for the delivery of military equipment and weapons. Last year, Turkey has taken the decision to purchase the Chinese-made air defense system FD-2000.

According to American sources, Saudi Arabia turned to China for advanced missiles is almost certainly because the U.S. would not provide comparable missiles to Riyadh.

Still, in the end the U.S. ended up approving the DF-21 missile sale. Although the CIA took action to ensure that the DF-21 missiles aren’t nuclear capable, this can always change at a later date. Thus, the U.S. not only lost potential revenue in selling Saudi Arabia the missiles itself, but it also lost control in the process.

The Dong-Feng 21 (DF-21) is a two-stage, solid-propellant, single-warhead medium-range ballistic missile in the Dong Feng series developed by China Changfeng Mechanics and Electronics Technology Academy.

In 1987, China sold several dozen (reportedly between 36 and 60) outmoded DF-3 missiles to Saudi Arabia, with conventional warheads. The DF-21 has more accuracy than the DF-3 missile.

According to the Chinese manufacturer, the DF-21 has a maximum range of 1,700 km. It can carry a 600 kg warhead with nuclear capability believed to be 200-300 kt. This mobile system is launched from a transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) vehicle.

China’s military has released images January 22, 2014, of its home-made ballistic missile DF-21. The pictures were taken during test-fired with the Dong Feng DF-21 nuclear capable single-warhead medium-range ballistic missile.