Blindex from Colombia has delivered four Titan armored trucks to Colombian army

The Colombian company Blindex, a producer of armor for civilian and military vehicles has delivered four Titan 4x4 armored trucks to the Colombian armed forces that are used to protect convoys of oiler companies.

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Blindex Titan 4x4 armored truck of Colombian army at ExpoDefensa 2021, defense exhibition in Bogota, Colombia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Laurent Fossaert, Executive Vice President of Blindex has confirmed that four Titan armored trucks are in service with the Colombian army, and two more trucks will be delivered in the next few months. Colombian army could order six more additional vehicles.

The Titan is a 4x4 armored truck that was developed and designed in collaboration with the Colombian armed forces to offer a low-cost solution of APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) offering a high level of protection against the firing of small arms but also IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).

The Titan that was delivered to the Colombian army is based on a Japanese truck chassis Isuzu FVR with a crew cabin at the front and a troop’s compartment. The driver and commander are seated at the front of the vehicle with direct access to the troop's area.

The Colombian company Blindex has designed the armor of the vehicle which provides protection level B6+ against the firing of small arms 7.62mm API (AK-47 assault rifle). The bottom part of the truck has a V-shape hull design to offer a high level of protection against the blast of the mine explosion and IEDs. According to Blindex, the Titan offers mine protection Level 2 STANAG 4569 against the explosion of 6 kg of TNT under the wheels and 8 kg under the body.

The roof of the crew compartment is equipped with a one-man protected turret and the top of the troop’s compartment is able to carry a drone. The vehicle can accommodate a total of 20 infantrymen using single anti-mine blast seats. The rear of the vehicle is fitted with two manual doors.

The Titan is powered by a Diesel engine and can reach a top road speed of 110 km/h with a cruising range from 800 to 900 km. Standard equipment of the Titan includes day cameras offering 360° awareness around the vehicle. Each side of the troop’s compartment is equipped with three small bulletproof windows and firing ports.