Expodefensa 2017: CODALTEC launches the Sinder family of surveillance radars

At Expodefensa 2017, the Colombian defense high-tech corporation (CODALTEC) is showcasing for the first time a new family of surface surveillance radars, dubbed Surface Intrusion Detection Radar, or Sinder.

CODALTEC Sinder radar Expodefensa 2017 001
CODALTEC Sinder MR surveillance radar at Expodefensa 2017

The Sinder is primarly intended for the protection of critical infrastructures, operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in any kind of environment.

Sinder, a family of high-resolution radars, is designed to contribute to the compliance of the security needs regarding surveillance of critical infrastructure, borders and control of land areas, such as airport traffic. The family is made up of Sinder MR medium range radar (5km) and Sinder LR long range radar (12 km).

The first operates in Band X frequency operation band with an antenna rotation speed of 30 rpm. The Sinder LR operates in Ku Band and features an antenna rotation speed of 60 rpm. Both present a target refresh rate of two seconds and can simultaneously track up to 50 targets.

The Sinder’s characteristics feature low probability of interceptions. Its design allows the operator to send data via Ethernet network, allowing it to be installed in a simple way. These radars are easily integrated to existing security and surveillance systems, given that they use standard XML and NMEA0183 data protocols.

CODALTEC was born of the necessity of the Colombian Defense Sector to promote the development of capabilities in the technological area, in order to create their own solutions, to support not only the operational environment of the country’s armed forces, but also the progress of the national industry.