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At Eurosatory 2018, Bertin, a CNIM group subsidiary, is presenting a new innovative camera system, the CamSight. Targeting integrators and vehicle manufacturers, CamSight are integrated core camera modules inside complex optronic systems. They are based on FusionSight’s (monocular for day and night vision) and PeriSight’s (perimeter vision system) optronics technology.

On the occasion of Eurosatory 2018, Lockheed Martin announced it's latest award by the U.S. Army Cruise Missile Defense Systems Project Office. A contract of $2.6 million dollar to mature the Miniature Hit-to-Kill (MHTK) interceptor, evaluate its effectiveness and demonstrate manufacturing readiness as part of the Extended Mission Area Missile Program. Announced by the company at the Eurosatory exhibition, this award marks the MHTK's transition from the Science and Technology (S&T) phase to the Development phase.

Polish modern military vehicles are being presented for the first time during Defense & Security International Exhibition EUROSATORY, which takes place in Paris (France) between 11th and 15th of June 2018. Dino – a basic military vehicle - and Wirus – vehicle for special operations forces and reconnaissance military units are showcased in Paris by the Polish company Concept from Bielsko-Biała and it’s coexhibitors: Polish Defence Holding and Oberaigner GmbH.

At Eurosatory 2018, Ouvry presents a CBRN body bag that enables the confinement and evacuation of a contaminated body. It was designed to avoid crossed-contamination during the body extraction (vehicle, helicopter, ambulance, personnel, etc.) and provides a pre-decontamination of the body during transport.

Belgium’s OIP Sensor Systems showcases its new version of the EOPTRIS 360 multi-purpose electro-optical system, at the Eurosatory 2018 exhibition. A multi-purpose stabilized sight offering observation and surveillance capabilities.

The U.S. Army Cruise Missile Defense Systems Project Office awarded Lockheed Martin a $2.6 million dollar contract to mature the Miniature Hit-to-Kill (MHTK) interceptor, evaluate its effectiveness and demonstrate manufacturing readiness as part of the Extended Mission Area Missile Program.Announced by the company at the Eurosatory exhibition, this award marks the MHTK's transition from the Science and Technology (S&T) phase to the Development phase.

Manufactured by the Polish company Hertz Systems, the Hawk anti-drone system has been designed for detection and neutralization of intrusive unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). With this DroneCatcher, drone/UAV threats can be neutralized.

At EUROSATORY 2018 defense and Security Exhibition in Paris (France), Israeli Company Rafael unveils a number of new combat systems and capabilities in the areas of ground precision attack, land operations fire management, and active protection for 8x8 vehicles. Rafael Advanced Defense systems Ltd., develop and manufactures military equipment in the field of land, naval air, space and cyber systems.

Aimpoint, the originator and worldwide leader in red dot sighting technology, is proud to introduce their new line of red dot sights, the Aimpoint® ACRO™ (Advanced Compact Reflex Optic) series. The unique small sight design of the Aimpoint® ACRO series electronic red-dot sight was developed for use on pistols and other weapon platforms.

British Company Jankel demonstrates their military muscle at Eurosatory 2018, the International Defence and Security Exhibition in Paris, France. As well as displaying their latest Fox Rapid Response vehicle (RRV) made for the Belgium MOD, they will also be talking about the newest addition to the tactical vehicle portfolio – the Light Troop Transport Vehicle (LTTV).

At Eurosatory 2018, the International Defense and Security Exhibition in Paris (France), German Company Rheinmetall is proud to present its new Oerlikon Skyranger Boxer, a high-mobility, highly effective, future-proof wheeled armoured air defence vehicle based on the battle-tested Boxer, born and bred for network-enabled operations.

Technamm is a small French company created by fans of all-terrain vehicles and military vehicles. It is specialized in special vehicles and those dedicated to firefighting. It managed a very strong blow by selling 500 Masstech T4 military SUVs and 50 Recamp pickup trucks to the French army. Both vehicles are displayed at Eurosatory 2018.

At a time of increasingly complex challenges and global uncertainty, military allies are collaborating to protect mutual strategic interests and maintain robust defence and security capabilities. Where traditionally defence ministries would seek to support their requirements internally, they now look much further afield to encourage knowledge and skills transfer, and help grow their industry, economy and resources.

In June 2016, at the Eurosatory International Defence Exhibition, CMI Defence presented, for the first time in Europe, two variants of the Cockerill® 3000 Series turret, in 30 mm and 105 mm configurations. Two years later CMI Defence is proud to announce that it has already produced and delivered more than 130 turrets, thirty of which are equipped with a Cockerill® 105 gun, manufactured by CMI Defence.

At Eurosatory, Bertin is showcasing an innovative multi-probe military radiation meter for harsh environment and emergency situations, the Saphyrads MS (EX-DOM 420). Bertin has developed the new multiprobe military survey meter (with the expertise of Saphymo*) under a contract awarded by the French Defense Procurement Agency. This latest generation portable monitor is designed to detect and measure radioactivity in harsh environment.

Standing for Sensor-fused Munition for Artillery, Calibre 155mm, Rheinmetall's SMArt155 is a robust, highly effective “fire and forget” artillery shell. Each round carries a payload consisting of two autonomous, intelligent, high-performance submunitions. These are capable of neutralizing stationary and moving armoured vehicles of all types as well as coastal targets, in any environment and in all weathers, the company said at Eurosatory 2018 defense and security exhibition.

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