Eurosatory 2018: Rafael from Israel unveils I-Dome air defense system

At Eurosatory 2018 defense exhibition in Paris (France), the Israeli Company Rafael unveils the I-Dome, a new innovative version of the operational and combat-proven Iron Dome, mobile all-weather air defense system designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells fired from distances of 4 kilometers to 70 kilometers.

Eurosatory 2018 Rafael from Israel unveils I Dome air defense system 925 001
I-Dome mobile air defense system (Picture source Rafael)

The I-Dome is a highly mobile, dual mission Very Short Range (VSHORAD) and counter rocket, artillery mortar (C-RAM) air defense system. I-Dome provides protection of motorized or mechanized troops, as well as point air defense of military/industrial/administrative installations. I-Dome effectively protects against aircraft, helicopters and UAVs as well as short-to-medium range rockets, mortars and artillery shells.

The I-Dome is an integrated system, with all system components installed on one single truck. I-Dome consists of a wheeled chassis launcher (6x6 truck chassis) with 10 Iron Dome interceptors, a radar and a Battle Management & Weapon Control (BMC) operating station. The interceptors are placed in sealed ready-to-launch canisters. Missiles are arranged into two five-tube groups on the turret. The interceptors are combat-proven with over 1,700 interceptions with a proven probability of kill greater than 90%.

The I-Dome is effective in all weather conditions, including low clouds, rain, dust storms or fog. The I-Dome air defense system has a reaction time of only a few seconds. The system can simultaneously track and destroy multiple targets.

The system provides robust, yet selective defense. Its ability to discriminate between threats headed towards the protected area and those that will not pose harm, reduces costs and limits unnecessary interceptor launches.

The I-Dome system is a quick reaction and mobile system. The system can function as a stand-alone system or as another layer and defensive asset of higher ranking air defense systems such as the SPYDER Air Defense system.

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